Best Resources for Understanding Remote Work

Remote work has been taking off in the last decade, driven by wider internet connectivity and new collaboration tools that make it possible to work together across the globe. This allows remote employees the freedom to live where they choose while still contributing to a larger organization. Remote-only organizations such as Automattic, Zapier, and Gitlab are fully embracing the remote mentality — and demonstrating it can scale successfully.

If you are considering going remote or managing a team remotely, I encourage you to become informed about the trends, examples, and resources available. Here are some of my favorites.


  • The Yonder Podcast - Yonder is for people looking to make their remote teams operate more smoothly or to understand how others are innovating in this new space. The interviews are wide-ranging and contain great insights from successful remote companies.
  • Distributed - A new podcast with Matt Mullenweg, the leader of Automattic (the company behind internet giant WordPress). His company is a leader in the remote space, with over 900 fully-remote employees.
  • Running Remote - A well-made podcast shining light into the minds and methods currently behind remote organizations.
  • The Remote Show - A podcast from the website We Work Remotely, the Remote Show finds and interviews some of the most influential CEOs and thinkers in the remote space.
  • Collaboration Superpowers - Interviews, tips, tricks, and inspiration for remote teams.

Books and E-books


  • FlexJobs Blog - A rich resource for people interested in any type of flexible work. The blog is frequently updated with new tips and info for remote workers.
  • Blog - Consistently good advice for freelancers and remote job seekers. The site also features a company Q&A which interviews leading remote companies.
  • Hubstaff Blog - Smart articles addressing different aspects of remote teams.
  • We Work Remotely Blog - A well-curated blog with all things remote-work related.
  • Virtual Vocations Blog - Tips and tricks for effective remote workers.

Surveys and Data

Tools and Resources

Thanks for reading! If you have additional resources feel free to leave a comment below.