Resources to Sharpen Your Web Development Skills in 2019

Whether you are teaching yourself to code or you have been in the industry for a decade, it is important to keep your skills sharp when it comes to coding. The good news is there a deep well of tutorials, courses, and code challenge websites to do so. Here are some of my favorite.

Code Challenges

CodeSignal — A coding challenge website with 450+ challenges that you can take in your preferred language. Nice UI makes this a pleasure to use.

Coderbyte — Another code challenge website with a ton of exercises to sharpen the coding sword and practice for interviews. Classroom — is an online IDE to try ideas or quickly prototype. They also have an open-source classroom that can provide a code workout in any language.

A Smarter Way to Learn — A short chapter spells out a coding concept. After, take an online set of coding exercises to drill the syntax.

CodeAcademy — CodeAcademy is a quickly growing platform for learning many coding languages through text-based puzzles.


Udemy — A trove of courses end up on Udemy. If you are interested in something there is probably a course for it. Prices are very reasonable as well.

Scrimba — A newcomer to the scene, Scrimba is a coding screencast platform with the awesome and unique feature that you can edit the code right there in the screencast.

Team Tree House — Professionally done courses covering anything and everything related to programming. The service costs $25 per month but is worth it for the quality instruction. — Egghead is a course platform that focuses solely on JavaScript courses. If you are diving into a new framework, library, or tool this is a great resource.

Wes Bos — Wes offers premium courses for people really looking to take a deep dive into web development topics such as CSS Grid, Node, and Advanced React concepts. He is also co-host of the top web development podcast, Syntax FM

Youtube — Yep, you can learn anything on Youtube. Some programming channels to check out are Coding Tech, Derek Banas, Traversy Media,, and LevelUpTuts.