Top 11 WordPress Podcasts in 2019

WordPress is a quickly evolving platform. The good news is there are quite a few podcasts that will help you keep up with the latest news, find the perfect plugin, or level up your online business. Podcasts are uniquely useful because you can listen to them while driving, walking, or working out.

Below are my top 11 WordPress podcasts to listen to. Unless stated, they should be useful to both developers and non-developers. These choices are sure to keep you entertained and give you ideas about how to build better websites.

WordPress Resource | Your Website Engineer with Dustin Hartzler - This is a great weekly podcast aimed at non-technical WordPress website owners. Episodes are always concise, on-topic, and full of useful info. It is great for staying up to date on the latest WP news, plugins, and features. (Episodes ~ 15 minutes).

WP the Podcast | WordPress, Business & Marketing - A daily podcast with short episodes about specific topics in WordPress. The topics are broad: design, development, business, and marketing. I've found them useful for getting a quick new perspective in these areas. (Episodes ~ 20 min).

Matt Report | A WordPress podcast for digital business owners - Matt speaks with developers, designers, consultants, and business owners so you can learn from their successes and failures. Good for solopreneurs working with the web. (Episodes ~ 45 min).

WordPress | Post Status Draft Podcast - This long-form podcast is aimed at WP professionals. The hosts are often joined by intelligent and entertaining guests. Be sure to check out the recent episode with Matt Mullenweg. (Episodes ~ 45 minutes to 1 hour).

The Get Options Podcast - A weekly conversation between hosts Adam Maurer and Kyle Silver, two entrepreneurs in the WordPress space. The show is aimed at freelancers and WP developers with listener-submitted topics. (Episodes ~ 45 minutes to 1 hour).

Women in WP - A new, bi-monthly podcast about women who blog, design, develop, and market in the WordPress space. It well-produced and a refreshing take in a field where women are currently underrepresented. (Episodes ~ 45 min).

WP Elevation WordPress Business Podcast - A podcast in which the host, Troy Dean, interviews successful freelancers, entrepreneurs, and developers to help you level up your WordPress business. I enjoyed the episode with Seth Godin. (Episodes ~ 1 hour).

Kitchen Sink WordPress with Adam Silver - A weekly, short podcast about everything WP related. Episodes begin with WP news updates, then a discussion of the weekly topic, and wrap up with a tip/tool of the week. There are some useful and actionable ideas here about how to improve a WordPress website. (Episodes ~ 10 min).

WP-Tonic Show - The WP-Tonic podcast airs twice a week, switching between interviews and round table discussions with engaging folks. They mainly focus on learning management systems within WordPress, but the topic changes depending who they are interviewing. (Episodes ~ 30 minutes to 1 hour). - This is a weekly podcast for freelancers and small-business owners working with WordPress. Host Carrie Dils interviews people working in the WP ecosystem and gives some good advice on better maneuvering your business. It has not been active for some months but has ideas worth going back for. (Episodes ~ 20 min).

Hello WP! - A podcast for those new to WordPress, as well as those seeking a better understanding of the platform and the community. Each episode contains a range of interviews on a single topic. (Episodes ~ 45 min).